Hospital Broadcasting Sheffield Annual General Meeting

Rutland Hotel 25th February 2014 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes

1)      JM welcomes everyone to the meeting.

2)      JM review the last twelve months.

  • Charity is now able to offer better services to patients
  • There are now more live shows per week than the year before
  • Patient Team is now in to double figures
  • Relationships formed with SHC, WPCC, and Forge Radio – who are assisting with engineer projects
  • Money from Weston Park is for offering our services, (interviews) and visiting patients
  • We now have an amount of money which enables us to develop the station further.
  • The studio is beginning to fail, and investment into computers/broadcast equipment the top priority.
  • Asks for peoples inputs into the studio redesign – a suggestion box will be placed in the studio.
  • The charity has grown in terms of members in every department

3)      Financial Review – Steven Julious

  • Began with £7,000, now, £17,000
  • Large amounts money from one-off grants
  • SHC is an ongoing commitment – gave a £2,000 grant.
  • £1,800 from Netheredge, we were the nominated charity.
  • An individual via my donate, donated £371
  • Our average annual spend is £5,000.
  • In surplus for previous two years
  • We want to aim to have £10,000 in the bank at the end of each year (February – February)
  • Will go bankrupt within two years, if fundraising was to stop.

4)      New volunteering/membership scheme

  • JM details the new proposed volunteering scheme.
  • All volunteers would be required to raise £100 or the equivalent every year.
  • Each fundraising attended (for at least 1 hour) would be equivalent to £25.
  • A discussion followed – it was suggested members of the patient team should do half – £50.
  • JM said there would be many more fundraising events than previous years, with between twelve and twenty four.
  • BC suggested it would be done on a pro rata basis.
  • A vote to introduce the scheme for the studio team was passed, with eleven for, and seven against.
  • A vote to implement the scheme was passed, with twenty one for, and two against.
  • The studio charge of £10 and £15 will stay in place until the next AGM.
  • The committee will need to discuss the recording and management of the scheme.

5)      Fundraising/Website – Tony Carroll

  • A new fundraising team is being developed, for PR, fundraising, marketing and journalism
  • SJ says that forty nine people have enquired, twenty have been seen, and eight to ten will be on the team.
  • Will be responsible for producing material for shows.
  • The new websites domain –
  • Currently low on content
  • Invitation for members to produce content/images/sound/articles.
  • Website will be developed, to include information about shows and presenters.
  • Will work with online broadcasting
  • Website will be used to coordinate events
  • Sheffield Hospital Radio now registered on LinkedIn

6)      Other committee reports:

Kurt Sullivan: Patient Team:

  • Patient Team members now in double figures.
  • Northern General still covered considerably less than other hospitals.
  • Weston Park seen twice a week.
  • Ella will be co-opted as Patient Team coordinator when she has been cleared.

Barrie Clarke: Membership:

  • 112 enquiries, 39 interviews, 28 live shows, 53 current members.

Paul Hibberd: Librarian

  • Music downloads have amounted to £195
  • Some money back from using Amazon link
  • Any music requests can be downloaded from the studio
  • Members to make notes of request on the librarians board

Rob Straw: Training

  • If anyone is looking for training, email Rob, to arrange a time.

7)      Committee Election:

  • James Mckennan – Chairman
  • Kurt Sullivan – Vice Chairman/Patient Team Coordinator
  • Barrie Clarke – Membership
  • Steven Julious – Treasurer
  • Tony Carroll – Marketing/Fundraising
  • Rob Straw – Training
  • Paul Hibberd – Librarian
  • Jordan Cullen – Secretary
  • Rich Oxley – Station Manager

8)      AOB

  • Jon Stittle raises concerns about the frequency of the Sheffield Sports show.
  • Grace Stead/Wayne Russel and Matt Lenn show interest in being reserves for Saturday sports show.
  • The AM signal at the NG is now clear.
  • JM says the time scale of the refurbishment depends on when we appoint in house engineers, although Forge will assist with problems in the meantime.
  • Members are to contact James if they encounter any problems in studio.

The committee thanks Simon Temple for his time with the charity, and wish him well in the future.

Meeting Closed.