Since 2003, Barrie Clarke has devoted his time to Sheffield Hospital Radio. And now, he is receiving the recognition he deserves. The Committee have unanimously decided to award Barrie with honorary member status.

But why? Well, not only does Barrie take on possibly the most time consuming committee role of all; Membership co-ordinator, but he has now taken it upon himself to become our new fire officer. The committee felt the extra responsibility and work load deserved this very accolade.

You can hear Barrie on Sunday afternoon’s with the Classical Show, but that wasn’t his first love. Barrie first joined the charity with the interest of visiting patients, and never once even thought about broadcasting. How times change.

Barrie was encouraged to read his requests from patients live on-air, which in his words “bring a personal touch and brings the radio to them, which is a unique service.” A year later, and he tried his hand at some presenting. Barrie at this stage thought a mouse was something the cat chased, and was oblivious to technology. Not any more.

After a few months, a former presenter and lifelong supporter Alan Burt had trained Barrie to the highest standard, and from then, you couldn’t get Barrie away from the microphone!

Over the years, Barrie has been involved in the Country Show, At the Hop, several request shows, and now most recently the Classical Show. He get’s around! But that wasn’t enough for “Brilliant Barrie.” In 2006, he became the Station Manager, and then two years later, Membership Co-ordinator. He’s been dealing with our new volunteers ever since.

It must be said, Barrie has permanently been on a learning curve, a large one at that. On becoming Membership co-ordinator, he had never sent an email. Now, he’s probably sent thousands! Barrie doesn’t look like giving up the mantle just yet. Which is good. We don’t know what we’d do without him.