Dummies guide to Hospital Broadcasting Sheffield


  • We started in 1976 at the Northern General, and were then called Northern Radio.
  • Moved to new studios at Lodge Moor hospital in 1982   when we served all 8 hospitals in Sheffield with our programmes.


  • We like to be thought of as “A friend at your bedside”.  We have live request shows 1-3pm and 7-10pm most days.
  • All members are volunteers and receive no payments.
  • Based at the RHH, again in a purpose built studio, and serve Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s (STH) hospitals (NGH, RHH, JHW, WPH)
  • We can currently be heard for FREE through the Hospedia system installed in most wards.
  • We broadcast on to Low Power AM – licensed by Ofcom – from our transmitter at the NGH to patients, staff and visitors on site.


  • A registered charity – 505200
  • Come under STH’s  volunteer wing
  • A member of the Hospital Broadcasting Association (www.hbauk.com )