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Radio Sponsorships with Sheffield Hospital Radio

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Sponsoring With Sheffield Hospital Radio

Supporting Sheffield Hospital Radio with sponsorship is an effective way of getting your message into the hospital community. More people tune into Sheffield Hospital Radio at the bedside than any other media channel – that's more than the BBC, ITV and other radio stations.

We offer a number of sponsorship options at excellent rates, and, of course, you'll be doing your bit to help an NHS charity whilst promoting your organisation.

We have a variety of specialist shows that your business can sponsor across the week which can give your business or event the exposure you need with mentions adverts and tags.

Check out the following packages and if you can't see what you need please get in touch and we can create a bespoke package to fit your needs and budget.

If you would like to make a donation please see our Donations Page and we will credit you online and On Air.

If you want to support us in another way we would be more than pleased to discuss this with you so please drop us a message and let's see how we can work together.

  • Specialist Shows
  • £300* - 26 weeks
  • Advert played twice in a show + a tag
  • One trailer played per day
  • Trailer plays 7 days p/w
  • Link to sponsors website
  • * Includes £50 one time advert creation fee
  • Contact Us

  • Weather
  • Starting from £300
  • 1 ad per hour played 7am - 8pm
  • 14 ads per day
  • 1 month package
  • 2 months package
  • 3 months package
  • Contact Us

  • Sport Show
  • Starting from £300
  • Played once per hour 2pm - 6pm Sat
  • 5 plays during the week
  • 1 month package
  • 2 months package
  • 3 months package
  • Contact Us

Our Specialist Shows

Programme Day And Time Broadcast
Country mix Tuesday 19:00
At the Hop Thursday 19:00
Off-side Friday 19:00
Sportcentre Saturday 14:00
On the Dance Floor Saturday 18:00
Love Unlimited Saturday 20:00
The Classical Show Sunday 16:00
Reggae Hour Sunday 18:00
It's The Beatles Sunday 19:00
Jazz Jukebox Sunday 20:00
Sensational 60s Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm
Solid Gold 70s Wednesday 6pm, Friday 6pm
Echo of the 80s Tuesday 3pm, Thursday 3pm
Non-stop 90s Monday 3pm, Wednesday 3pm, Friday 3pm